Most people that reach the website for Align Chiropractic did not stumble upon us by accident. Typically, they were sent here by a friend, family member, or even their doctor. Our website is setup to help people get the information they truly need; which means this site is probably a little different than other chiropractor’s pages. That is good though, because we are a different type of chiropractic clinic. However you got here, we are happy you did.

Let us make a few things clear right away. Our website is not meant to give you every piece of knowledge and information we have. It is not fair to ask you to sort through boatloads of information in the hope of finding what might be helpful for you. We prefer to create relationships with people and share with them the relevant and accurate information they need. When we write about health related topics, we do our best to turn “Low Back Pain caused by Spinal Degeneration with associated Radiculopathy” or the “Utilization of Spinal Decompression for Intervertebral Disc Herniations” into easy to understand topics. Our job is to help make sure that you know what is going on and what can be done, not to use a bunch of big words that make us feel smarter for using them.

Also, our website does not have any special offers or coupons. Nothing on our website offers you a “Free Juicer (New Patients Only), or a coupon for a “Free Exam and one set of X-Rays”. The goal of our page here is to walk you down a path that ends with you picking your ideal time to come in, meet us, and have a conversation with the doctor.

Before you start worrying about that first meeting, we want you to know that at our office we give every patient a chance to talk to the doctor, at no charge, to see if we are a good fit for each other. In our dream world, we would love to be the right office for everyone, but we know that is not the case. We do everything we can to give you top level chiropractic care and a really great total experience. In order to avoid having a bad experience, we do our best to make sure we are the right place for your BEFORE you become a patient here. To us, that seems like a better approach, and hopefully, it does to you too.