The Office Built With You in Mind

At Align Chiropractic we do a lot of things differently; our current patients already know this. We built our office procedures with our patients in mind. We are truly a family business, and we know that most offices don’t seem to actually consider what patients want, but rather force them into office routines that make […]

Sugar Ain’t So Sweet

TL;DR – Eating too much sugar is bad for you, especially added sugars. Simple diet tweaks can cut a lot of sugar from your diet and reduce your risk of a number of health conditions. When we hear the word sugar, most people think of things like ice cream, cookies, cakes, candy, etc. What about […]

Migraines and Structural Chiropractic

TL;DR – Research shows that Structural Chiropractic care is really safe and really effective for migraines. Your head is pounding, and just the lights in the room make it worse. You feel nauseated and even a whisper sounds like a megaphone pressed up against your ear. Yep…you have a migraine. To put it bluntly – […]

Structural Chiropractic is a Golfer’s Best Friend

TL;DR: Golf requires your body to be able to coordinate complex movements and puts stress on your body. Structural chiropractic helps with that. Stop! Wait! When is the last time you stood up from your desk!? Has it been more than 15 minutes? Okay, here is what I want you to do. Before you keep […]

Despite What You Might Have Heard Deep Squats Are Awesome

TL; DR – Deep squats are awesome, but you need to have good technique.   Like many people my first experience with weight lifting had mixed results. I was a respectable 6’0” tall, but weighed all of 140 pounds soaking wet with a pocket full of coins. I lifted hard and often, but never seemed […]

Back to Basics – A Better Approach to Exercise

TL;DR – A basic exercise program (BEP) is a better way to get into (or back into) exercise, while short term high intensity programs (STHIPs) are better suited as a way to change up an already consistent exercise routine.   As with many of us, athletics are where I learned how to exercise, learned how […]

Arthritis and Fish Oil

TL;DR – Fish oil supplements have been shown to be effective in reducing pain from chronic arthritis. Fish oil supplements are very popular and for good reason, but a lot of people still don’t know why. We will explore some of the better known aspects of fish oil, and touch on some of the less […]

Anterior Head Syndrome and Low Back Pain

Everything we do at Align Chiropractic has a purpose and reason. Today we want to shed some light on why we always analyze the entire spine for structural shifts, and address the shifts wherever they occur, even if some regions of the spine are pain-free.   Anterior Head Syndrome (AHS) is a growing problem in […]

6 Steps to Permanent Diet Changes

There is so much information about how to lose weight floating around on the internet that it is easy to get lost and confused. I recommend a very simple approach to start, which can be refined as you go, versus a drastic change that is nearly impossible to maintain. This feeds into a lot of […]

Why Structural Care for Low Back Pain?

People are continuing to experience low back pain at an incredibly high rate. Current statistics show that 8 out of 10 Americans will experience low back pain at some point. (1) If that weren’t bad enough, low back pain doesn’t seem to really have a preference regarding who it affects. The CDC reports that of […]